8 OUTFIT IDEAS for the Bar or Club


Today we are gonna give you guys a variety of outfit ideas we want to be God give you guys for outfit ideas which is date night lounge we’re running on the airings and it was another one whose other one oh girl a night out with a girl I out with the girls yes each of us will be giving you guys a different take on our outfits like for well both have a difficulty both have different styles so obviously we’re both gonna have different outfits like different outfit ideas so Alex you’ll have an outfit idea and I will have an afternoon I was Leah or that might yeah so basically it’s gonna be eight out of it I own together yeah I’m excited and I hope you guys enjoyed this video stay tuned alright you guys this is the first outfit option this is more date night so what I have on today is I have these ten booties on which I really like I can get a little more baggage from pink colored screen oh yeah so, I’ve got these booties on I paired them with these distressed of rain washed jeans with boys you know and guess where they’re from fashion Nova. I also paired it with a bodysuit.


yes I love this body suit I think I got this from somewhere I got this from somewhere and then I got this from obviously fashion Nova so yes the enik ended with this little arm her from Urban Outfitters small cheaper date back keep my phone and everything in it yeah I like this little detail so I paired I picked this outfit because I think it says a lot but it’s also really nice looking it’s just definitely going to show your figure like if I give a spin it definitely shows the heels you could definitely pair I really picked this outfit because it’s black I mean dig these shoes to put they’re black and I think it just makes you look smaller and I also have a pop of color of the bag this really cute bag you can also take these straps off and carry it like this I paired it with gold accessories I have gold ring I paired it with gold rings and a gold necklace so that is the outfit I’m gonna give spin. okay guys so this is the girls night out outfit and I personally chose to wear some jeans from fashion OVA and I paired them paired it with a pretty little thing long sleeve it has a low-cut V-neck has these nice buttons which gives it a really nice detail and I paired it with the Louie Vuitton little clutch and I also paired it with my Nike Air Force Ones I feel like it’s very casual but it’s still very cute so that is my girls night out outfit yeah for me I do the dress goes well I like wearing dresses so I picked this very simple one I also paired it with these um next lace up heels which I really love it gives the outfit a nice little flare and I also paired up with the same bag I have previously because it matches the poem and yeah, I really like the off this book yes, I also forgot to say that my accessory stayed the same to stay the same. Check these Women’s Boutique Summer Dresses

alright guys so the next outfit idea is loungewear, so I protect on a goddess still regular oversized t- shirt and ice, and I also paired it with a pretty little things biker shorts this is very comfortable and I also go to see I wore you know of the ugh slippers I also still have the same accessories yeah. where’d you get the shirt oh god is dope website you know for my outfit I really this is like really shows my style I have over oversized sweatshirt from pretty little thing I have gray sweatpants and I have my UGG slippers and keep it simple I just like this and it’s very comfy and you can also go outside and
rock this yeah I would write this in the summer I do so and I kept my accessory used to the same yeah.

Okay so this is the outfit for running errands I think it’s definitely again shows my style I just have my wallet with me because usually that’s the only thing I carry around I have this  Long-sleeve back shirt with a scoop neck I think and um this came from pretty little thing as well it’s a bodysuit and I have my adidas sweats on and I just have I in Nikes um yeah I think she’s after this really chill shows Who I am and I have the same accessories as max outfit yeah so for me so for me if I’m running errands I do like I’ll usually like dress up more because I like so I paired up I paired this shirt with on some light wash jeans I really like this shirt I got this shirt from fashion Nova is really cute in the back um I love the lettering it’s just unique and everything I still I have the same accessories I have used everything ring and I paired it with the same bag so I keep my wallet in everything inning and I also pair it with on my Android n whines I love this colorway it’s just really cute and they’re very comfy yeah and they pop make the outfit pop. Tik Tok Dresses and Trends