Pour Liquor Like | A Pro 6 Simple Steps


Seeing skilled bartenders throw liquor bottles in the air before pouring them into your glass is jaw-dropping. Like at Bikini joes in Texas ! Pouring liquor is as easy as gripping the bottle by the neck and turning it upside down,  but is that all there is to it? If you are an aspiring bartender, you might want to master how to pour liquor correctly before doing some tricks.

Step #1 – Assemble the dummy bottle 

Instead of wasting your liquor over failed attempts, why not work your way first with water. Fill an empty bottle with water. Attach the spout or liquor pourer to the bottle. 

Step #2 – Choose a count system 

The free pour follows the famous count system done by bartenders mentally. Some do it with the clock counting speed, while others follow the dance counting speed. If you decide to use the clock speed, just 
count from one-one thousand, two-two thousand,  and so on. You can also try the Mississippi version, wherein every count measures ½ ounce. So, two counts are equivalent to one ounce. Another way is to do the dance count when the first option doesn’t work. When you dance, the counting is faster to follow the song’s rhythm, but it’s really just cutting one clock count into half. So if you do the math, one dance count is equal to ¼ ounce, and one whole ounce is 4 counts. 

Step #3 – Decide what grip to do

Every bartender has their preference on how to grip a liquor bottle. This depends on which one they’re most comfortable doing. Keep in mind that each grip will be done by 
the neck as this secures the bottle well. The common one is the Normal Grip, 
where you simply hold the bottle by the neck as you would do when drinking. 
The second option is the Reverse Grip, wherein you turn the bottle upside 
down and roll your arm the other way. When these two don’t work for you, you 
can opt for the Finger Grip instead. 

Step #4 – Pouring 

Turn the bottle upside down, not at an angle.  This way, you will ensure a steady flow. Perform the chosen count system and base it with an ingredient’s measurement in a recipe. 

Step #5 – Cutting the liquor

After the last count, it’s time to stop or cut the liquor. The first option is the swish or curl motion, where you need to swish the bottle as you turn it upright slowly. The second option is known as the jolt motion, wherein you need to shake the bottle down once to stop the pouring quickly, then turn the bottle upright. 

Step #6 – Verifying the measurement

To ensure that you’ve done the technique right,  you can check the measured liquor with a jigger. 
Transfer the newly poured liquor into the jigger. Check if it fills up to the 1-ounce line 
if you’ve counted for 1 ounce and so on. Being a professional bartender isn’t easy. But 
just like anything you do, practice makes perfect.  

So, go ahead and bring out your water bottles and liquor pourers. Good luck, future bartender!

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